1981 Corvette (prior to rebuild)

I loved this car. Especially after the rebuild. These pictures were taken around 1985.

It was a 1980 anemic 305 Corvette (still plenty of fun) that I put a rebuilt 350ci motor in. Built the motor to the old LT-1 specs using a 4 bolt main truck block in my garage on some cold winter nights in Abilene, TX while stationed there. Used a Holley carb and Edelbrock manifold and cam. I kept the original ‘Vette exhaust as it sounded nice and rich. Was great fun to drive and race.

The brown body color images are before the new paint job, which was Porsche Guards Red. The body was very straight after all the work filling the low spots. Had to sell it due to divorce… someone must of had some fun with it. Wonder where it is today? Probably in a junk yard.