Asleep at the Wheel (GRAPHIC)

This is a cautionary tale post. My hope is someone, somewhere will learn from this. Pilots also suffer from this disease… it is called Get-Homeitus… Get-Homeitus is a killer. We make poor decisions when we are afflicted with it. We do it when we are tired, worried will be missed or miss some event, etc. This has happened to most of us, we just got lucky. Actually, he got lucky too.

I have a colleague whose son was out late with friends. He was just a tired young man driving home in the early morning hours. He was on the highway, very close to home, when he just dozed off. He woke just before reaching a barrier, swerved and rolled the truck. The cab was crushed onto his hand, pinning it to the steering wheel. Luckily, no tendons were damaged and the would will just have to “heal” for the most part as it could not be easily stitched. The pictures tell the rest of the story.

The truck is a mess. He was so lucky.



Wound on his pinned hand. OUCH!

Wound on left hand. Only some of it could be stitched.
Wound on left hand. Only some of it could be stitched.