Shaker Style Cupboard

IMG_3135This is a cupboard design I had seen years ago in a book my mother had (have the book now, thanks Mom!) and modified for my own needs.

It is made from inexpensive white pine bought at the local Lowes.  The back panel is left-over bead board (thanks again, Mom) painted with some old maroon paint I had around.  Just enough to get it done.

The stain is Minwax English Chestnut, one good coat left for a few minutes, then wiped off.  Then three coats of polyurethane were added, with a 220 grit light sanding between coats.

I prefer more distressed looking furniture, not sure why, though it seems to feel warmer to me, though I did not distress this piece.   I am happy with how this turned out and it was done in a about 8-10 work hours, taking several days during the actual build for drying times, etc.

I saw some similar shelves for sale for $500-$700 dollars.  I think I have about $40 in wood as the paneling was left over scrap from my parents.  Re-purpose and reuse!

0612001756In the picture on the right you can see it glued and nailed, squared up and clamped.  This all took about an hour.  Again, this is inexpensive, knotty white pine.  Just take time to find straight boards, though a little warping is okay.  Remember to look at the end grain, see if the board is cupping.