Wood Distressing Tools

IMG_3368These are the tools I use when distressing a piece of furniture.  Yes, you could also find these in any well stocked dungeon.  The board with the screws is used to simulate worm damaged wood.  The hooked pick is used for added simulated cracks in the wood.  The rope has a string of nuts and is used to randomly beat the furniture, adding random, clumped dents, the small pick is used for scoring or punching in small holes and the chain has some bolts, washers and nuts and is also used to beat on the furniture.  That is about it.  I do use a wood chisel from time to time to scrape our gouges or shave off the edge.

One safety item about the chain with nuts and bolts.  It is a good idea to either tighten the nut all the way down or use a double nut like I have done here.  You put two nuts on and then, using two wrenches, you turn them against either other, in opposite directions, forcing them to tighten together.  This (mostly) prevents the nut from working itself loose and flying off.  And, yes, I have had that happen with funny and dramatic effect.